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Real Estate Services

Nicole provides her clients with excellent service, before and after a sale has closed escrow, creating lasting relationships.  Whether you are considering buying, selling or exchanging, Nicole's experience and proven methods will ensure you net the highest amount possible with best terms.   Here’s How:

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

​Strategic Pricing

We underwrite the details of your property with as much information as you provide ensuring our pricing is correct to begin with, including a loan quote. Proper due diligence on our end is key to effectively pricing your property before aggressively marketing to active investors.  Having our finger on the pulse of the market  and knowing the intricacies of the neighborhood gives us insight on which pricing strategy will work best for your property to achieve multiple offers which creates an environment where buyers come to the negotiating table with the most competitive price and terms.

Market Analysis

Effective Marketing


Each listing has professional photos taken and a website dedicated to your listing.  We then mail postcards to local owners (on average over 3,500) and make phone calls to all local owners letting them know we have a fantastic listing for them to take a look at. 1031 exchange buyers are aggressively targeted and an email blast is sent to over 1,400 local investment property owners with all of the data on your property.  Concurrently we upload your listing to the Loopnet, CoStar, MLS, Zillow, Redfin and all of the top real estate sites and cooperate with other brokers starting DAY ONE (if seller permits).  This is very unique and gets your listing in front of more than just our own clients.  Your Property is placed on Equity Union Commercial's internal website and presented in office meetings.  Depending on the specifics of your property it may be submitted to Traded LA (we have had listing featured in the past) or for online marketing on the, etc. For more information on our aggressive marketing plan inquire today!  

Signing a Contract

Offer Phase

Prior to presenting offers we confirm the buyer’s have driven to the property and reviewed all information. Once we field offers we vet the buyers to make sure they are well qualified with verification of funds and schedule of real estate. We then extract the most important deal terms from the 25+ page contracts and bullet point them for you with counter recommendations to make your decision making process as easy as possible.  Then the negotiating begins! 


Listing Management:

Throughout our listing period we will be there to conduct property tours, put together due diligence packages for buyers, and generally act a liaison on your behalf for your property management, tenants, vendors, buyers etc.  This may include posting notices to tenants, managing the estoppel certificate process, meeting with vendors, picking up keys from management, coordinating retrofitting, being present for any inspections and or repairs, etc. and report back to you any pertinent information.  Our goal is to make the transition out of owning your property as seamless and with as little burden to you as possible.  When we are hired to sell your property we try to eliminate any details from falling on your shoulders.

Online Payment

Escrow Management

Once escrow is open we are there to direct and help with the process which includes:

  • Reviewing escrow instructions

  • Making sure deposit is in

  • Coordinating signatures if need be

  • Maintaining timelines

  • Making sure reports are ordered

  • Keeping the Close of Escrow Date a top priority

Table setup with devices

An experienced transaction coordinator manages files from list phase to close of Escrow and beyond ensuring all documents have been reviewed, initialed, signed and deadlines are met.

Transaction Coordinating

Through the process of selling a retrofitting Vendor will be needed. Other potentially required vendors may include Termite Inspectors, Handymen, Locksmith etc. We can help by referring you to the top vendors in the area.

Vendor Referral

Many of our clients are looking to capitalize on their equity and/or minimize management hassle and choose to defer their capital gains with a 1031 exchange. We've successfully navigated numerous clients through 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges and can help you too!

​1031 Exchange Expertise

Hiring an agent for the sale of your investment property is the equivalent of hiring one person to manage many different tasks and details.  Making sure you work with someone with experience to navigate through the incredible amount of details and a team to help accomplish all of your real estate goals is paramount.


Getting your price and terms and working with someone who has deal experience to minimize any liability or stress on your part is of is of the utmost importance.

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