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Nicole Apostolos

Commercial Director | Investments LA


Meeting face to face with local owners to better understand their real estate needs is at the heart of Nicole’s business.  Whether it be getting a rent survey for a client she sold a building to, giving annual evaluations for a client for tax purposes, or listing a property she bases her business on long term relationships.  Listening intently from the beginning allows Nicole to serve her clients with information and an inside track of market trends to help make the right decisions for their portfolio’s and ultimately achieve their investment real estate goals.


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Nicole Apostolos
“THANK YOU! You killed it!  When I went into escrow on the up leg I was scared to death that we weren’t going to be able to close the two Ardmore properties in time.   I was certain that we were going to have to take a deep discount in order to make all of the pieces fit together.  You can imagine my pleasant surprise when you delivered a non-contingency buyer at over price.  I think the real coup, was being able to close my purchase of the new building 3 weeks early. You’re incredible, amazing, and I look forward to our next deal.”

Van Ambatielos & Jim Zaferis - Repeat Clients, Closed 4 Transactions

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